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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Minn. teen killer was neo-Nazi loner

Predictably, it turns out the little monster who massacred 10 people in Minnesota was a black-clad, Goth-obsessed neo-Nazi:
Over a five-month period between March and August 2004, someone identifying himself as Weise posted numerous messages on a talkboard hosted by, the website of the Libertarian National Socialist Green party. The party promotes a Nazi philosophy of racial purity. In March 2004, a chatroom participant tagged Todesengel ("angel of death") began a thread titled "Native American Nationalist?" and introduced himself as "Jeff Weise, a Native American from the Red Lake 'Indian' reservation in Minnesota". Todesengel expressed interest in joining the party and said he had done a great deal of research on Hitler, a man he much admired. Later in the thread, Todesengel changed his tag to NativeNazi.
We've all seen this movie before. Gutless punk can't make friends because he refuses to live in reality, so he decides to kill himself. But does he go off and do it alone? No, sir. He takes a bunch of innocent people with him. In another sickening twist, the neo-Nazi website where Weise spouted his views is using the tragedy to advance its political agenda:
Today the Libertarian National Socialist Green party said incidents such as yesterday's shooting were to be expected when "thinking people are crammed into an unthinking, irrational modern society".
"Thinking people?" Please. Real thinking people don't try to string Libertarian, National, Socialist and Green together.
"Weise participated in the forum in part because, unlike 'white nationalist' or 'white power' movements, the LNSG embraces all races as part of its vision of world nationalism. His statements on the site reflected a frustration with the populist politics and materialistic arrogance of modern society," the statement continued.
Ugh. Didn't these reprobates get the message in 1945?


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