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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Update: CafePress covers up inventory

From the folks at CafePress:
The "Kill Bush" products have been removed from They were created by individuals across the globe, as are the more than 8 million products available on, a diverse network of more than one million shops. Hate related materials are in violation of our terms of service and are prohibited from being sold through is an automated service, and as such, products are reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that merchandise that is in violation of our terms of service is removed from our site.

The blogosphere and talk radio strike again. UPDATE: A search of the site reveals some of the offending material still for sale:

killpresident.jpg It reads "SAVE A TREE. KILL THE PRESIDENT."

Ugh. HOLY COW IT'S ANOTHER UPDATE! The CafePress guys are now disallowing searches for the word "kill." Search for some random word like "Kuykendahl," and you get a page saying:

Yeah, this is one of those no results found pages. We searched our catalog of millions of products for "kuykendahl", but came up empty.
But if you search for "kill the president," you're directed to a page listing:
Search Results for: the president

Curiouser and curiouser. BRAMANTI TESTS THE LIMITS OF UPDATING: Some CafePress users don't want to kill the president. They just want to overthrow him. Yeah, that's illegal too:



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