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Friday, April 08, 2005

Bizarro World Part IV

4_8_sesame_street.jpg C is for cookie; that's good enough for me...

Cookie Monster is cutting back:

Bad news for Cookie Monster - the focus of the 36th Sesame Street season, which starts this week, is healthful eating habits. Although there are no plans to turn the lovable, cookie-chomping blue Muppet into Cauliflower Monster, the oversized, letter-of-the-day cookie he chomped down in yesterday's season premiere would likely be one of his last. Joining the battle against childhood obesity, the season-long theme of "Healthy Habits for Life" is clear from the jump-roping that started the episode to the longer-than-usual segment called "The Healthy Foods Name Game," in which Elmo and Zoe scoured the neighborhood for colorful vegetables to complete a puzzle.
C is for cutting federal subsidies for public television; that's good enough for me.


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