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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Chronicle devotes editorial to non-issue

Illustrating their single-minded devotion to "editorial pages in their ideal state," the Chronicle's editorial board wrote an editorial on a complete non-story:
When several theaters, mostly in the South's Bible Belt, refused to show the new film Volcanoes of the Deep for fear of religious protests, it triggered a burst of media coverage and gave the movie a boost it failed to generate on its own.
Houston's Museum of Natural Science IMAX theater does not plan to run Volcanoes of the Deep, but a museum spokeswoman says creationism versus evolution is not the reason. Apparently, the film lacked the visual heft that IMAX devotees expect.
And? That's it? No call for higher income taxes? No shot at Tom DeLay? No praise for some Bill White revenue grab? The folks at 801 Texas Avenue must be asleep at the switch!


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