Monday, January 03, 2005

Volunteers rescue dolphins, ignore people

It's good to know the Europeans have their priorities straight:

Men recovering the bodies of tsunami victims in Thailand were working today to keep two special survivors alive: a humpback dolphin and her calf swept into a small lagoon by powerful waves. The animals, believed to be an Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin and her roughly 3-year-old offspring, were spotted today by a man searching for his wife more than a mile from the coast. The larger dolphin, about 7 feet long, appeared to have a back injury. "I reckon ... they came in with the initial wave, and when the water retreated, they couldn't get back again," said Edwin Wiek, a Dutchman who is director of the Wildlife Friends of Thailand Rescue Center. He said the two might survive only a few days without live fish to feed on.

Cry me a river. News flash, folks: Countless human beings are suffering and dying. Forget the porpoises.

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