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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Weight loss update: Skinny by St. Patrick's Day?

Well, it's going pretty well. I changed to the "Wendie Plan" two weeks ago, which varies the amount of calories I eat on a daily basis. The weekly amount stays the same, but the idea is to keep the metabolism going so the body doesn't get stuck in a rut and go into starvation mode. I think it's working, as I've lost 5.8 pounds in the last two weeks. Here are the stats: Current weight is 207, and goal weight is 190. I figure I can sustain a loss of 2 lbs./week, which puts me on track to hit my goal weight by early March. My Body Mass Index is currently at 25.2, down from a peak of 33.1 in June. My current BMI is just barely in the "overweight" category, which ranges from 25.0 to 29.9. "Obese" is defined as 30.0 and up. Another 2.5 pounds, and I will officially be "normal." At least in terms of BMI. At 190, my BMI will be 23.1, firmly in the normal range. SciGuy has some interesting news about a diet drug custom-fitted to an individual's DNA. He suspects it's snake oil, and he's probably right. The only way to safely and effectively lose weight is the old-fashioned way: eat right and be active. Diet-Blog always has a good roundup of the weight loss world.


At 12/30/2005 7:25 AM, Anonymous Tom Bazan said...

If you are truely serious, consider joining the local Seal Training group. My wife's son AND his lovely wife (both have Concealed Carry Permits) graduated and are participating in the maintenance program.

Best wishes to your brother. I have a nephew currently stationed in So. Korea.


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