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Friday, November 11, 2005

So screwed up on so many different levels...

I'm dumbfounded:
Don't let the antics of the pathetically delusional Mary Mapes distract you from the lunatics who haven't yet been canned from the network that gave us both the tinfoil-hat–wearing Walter Cronkite and the propagandizing buffoon known simply as the Dan. NewsBusters reports on a milestone in tastelessness achieved by Bruce Rheins, the producer behind CBS's coverage of the Michael Jackson trial, who has marketed a wine under the brand "Jesus Juice." The logo apparently represents a cross between Jesus Christ and Michael Jackson.


As you'll recall, "Jesus Juice" is allegedly what the King of Pop called the wine he plied little kids with before raping them.

Rheins' wife got the marketing campaign running while Jackson's child molestation case was still in court. They made Jesus Juice t-shirts and other items too. As NewsBusters observes:

Rheins's marketing of Jesus Juice wine (and apparel) raises some troubling journalistic issues since he was attempting to profit from a story which he was personally covering for the "CBS Evening News."


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