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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Canadian psych hospital promotes patient sex

Remember all those Hollywood crazies who threatened to move to Canada if Bush won re-election? Well, maybe they were on to something:

A psychiatric hospital in Quebec has initiated a program to facilitate patient's sexual relations, by providing them with private rooms equipped with beds, television, and on-demand pornographic videos and magazines. spoke with University of Laval-associated Centre Hospitalier Robert-Giffard's director of communications, Catherine Lassard, who confirmed the program, emphasizing it was a hospital-initiated measure. The trial run will allow 60 patients access to the program and if successful, be made available to all 700 residents in six months time. Nicole-Gagnon, the hospital's ombudswoman and the person responsible for the program, told the Toronto Sun that "By facilitating patients' sexual relations, we want to make sex a positive rather than a negative experience."

Yeah, free on-demand porn and sex with fellow crazy people. That oughta cure 'em.

[Hat-tip: Relapsed Catholic]


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